Monday, January 11, 2010

A Second Look - Jamie Walters

I admit it. Most Saturday mornings, chances are you’ll find me chilling out on my couch, watching the mini-marathons of Beverly Hills 90210 they show on

Anyway, recent episodes have featured singer/songwriter Jamie Walters doing his wrong-side-of-the-tracks rocker turn as Donna Martin’s flavor-of-the-month. It was primetime exposure of the good kind, especially at first, but it didn’t help out Walters’ career quite as much as he had hoped. His character, Ray Pruit, would go on to develop into a cheating girlfriend-abuser, tossing Donna down a flight of stairs. And eventually people began having some difficulty separating Jamie Walters from the character he played on TV.

Watching the episodes, I was impressed enough by his breathy, soulful style of rock to check out his stuff on Amazon. Even though “Hold On” and “How Do You Talk To An Angel” (from Walters’ short-lived pre-90210 series, The Heights) are his big hits, I’m really digging “The Comfort of Strangers,” a moody burner of a track with some nice searing guitar.

MP3: The Comfort of StrangersJamie Walters

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