Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Dark Horse

I first came upon Ryan Star in season two of Rock Star (Rock Star: Supernova). Nicknamed “The Dark Horse” by crazy Dave Navarro, I was impressed by his strong finish in the show, but I hadn’t considered what would become of him afterwards. But when I heard his recent recordings, my interest was definitely piqued. Though Star's new album, 11:59, seems to keep getting delayed, several of its new tracks are now available as an EP (Last Train Home) - kind of a teaser until the whole album drops.

Anyway, I just found a very cool video of him performing an acoustic version of the anthemic “Last Train Home” acoustic for a Seattle radio station. And he just released his new single, “Breathe.” Perhaps that bodes well for the new album’s release…

MP3: Last Train HomeRyan Star

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