Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Damnwells On The Way...

One of my favorite bands, The Damnwells made their most recent album, One Last Century, available as a free download. And a quality album it was.

The good news is they’re working on a new one. And this time, they’re using a grass roots campaign to finance it via donations from their fans, a method of fund-raising many bands have adopted. It’s pretty cool – for certain pledge amounts, donors can receive certain rewards, ranging from receiving signed copies of the CD, to getting go hang out at band practice, to having The Damnwells come play at a house party. And there are exclusives, too. It’s all broken down

I’m looking forward to hearing some new Damwells music, but in the meantime, below is my favorite track from One Last Century. And music blog Sell the Lie has unreleased tunes
here and demos here and here. Nice.

MP3: 55 PicturesThe Damnwells

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