Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Favorite Metro Music Act - Raycurt Johnson

There's a little rotation of music acts that set up at L'Enfant Plaza - the solo electric guitar man with some crazy tone, the steel drummer playing Christmas carols in summer, the South American pipe band covering ABBA, just to name a few. And honestly, none of them really do anything for me. Save for the one violinist who stands at the foot of the escalators at the start of the work day. I actually look forward to hearing him play, and I hope that each day will be his gig. It's a beautiful way to begin a morning, with the sweet sounds of his violin handiwork drifting through the air.

Usually I'm hustling by pretty quick in the morning, but today I stopped and took note (and dropped some past due $$$ in his case) of his website - www.raycurt.com. Raycurt Johnson's quite an accomplished musician, in sound, and by experience, and a local filmmaker made a cool little (and short) documentary featuring him, and his music, above. Check it out.

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Fiddla said...

Thanks for the bucks and hit me up for your personal copy of "Fiddla"s Beat" compilation CD.
Just remind me who you are, BRO!