Sunday, April 12, 2009


Eat your heart out Eddie VanHalen. Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony’s new project, Chickenfoot, w/ guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani and RHCP drummer Chad Smith is pretty intriguing to me. It's got those vintage VH harmonies, and perhaps Satch will reign in his guitar pyrotechnics a bit to fit the band atmosphere. Although, like many of these supergroups, it’s doubtful they'll last very long. You can hear the riff-heavy “Soap on a Rope” above.

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waicool said...

not really getting the "chickenfoot" thing. seems to me more hype than anything. give me any montrose tune over this cf stuff i've heard so far. that is a sad state for rock to be in 30 years later, thanks sammy, have another drink dude. i guess it is all about hype and money with sam these days.