Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Little VH has a cool little interview with Eddie Van Halen over here. He's got a new indestructible guitar out (the "Wolfgang"), so he talks about that a bit, but he goes over some other stuff that's interesting and funny, too.

CNN: I'm told you can hear things that most people can't with the naked ear.
Van Halen: I have selective hearing. (Laughs)
CNN: I think a lot of men do!
Van Halen: Obviously, I've lost a little bit, at very high frequencies -- which is kind of like a woman screaming at ya.
CNN: "Ed, did you take the trash out?" "Can you wipe the dishes?" Are you hearing anything?

So to satisfy your shredding needs, here's Eddie whupping it up a bit on "Eruption" back in 1994...back when his hip wasn't aritificial and he was free to drink as much as he liked.

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