Tuesday, January 27, 2009


ACADEMY: Clear your couches – TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar begins February 1st

HITS: It’s a sad truth, but as football players dole out the big hits, concussions add up, and can cause long-term damage – but at least current athletes are donating their concussion-addled brains for scientific study to help future players

BRUCE: In case you didn’t already see it, Rollingstone has a very nice piece on The Boss, “The Band On Bruce Springsteen,” over here

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NOAAgirl said...

Dude, I saw that CNN article and while I wasn't exactly surprised, it was pretty shocking just how extensive the damage is.

And way to make me miss home all over again - I love TCM's Oscar marathon. As I told you last year, watch for showings of "Best Years of our Lives", "Thirty Seconds over Tokyo", and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"!