Monday, November 03, 2008

What The Kids Are LIstening To

A couple of guilty pleasure radio tracks have gotten stuck in my head as of late. First up, Metro Station’s “Seventeen Forever.” The verses are are not overly memorable, but that’s OK, since there isn’t many of them – it’s the many choruses where the song earns its money, erupting into shimmering, bouncy goodness.

And second, I’m really digging
Katy Perry’s new single, “Hot N’ Cold.” The track sounds like an up-tempo Pink knock-off, but I mean that as a compliment – it’s high-energy, gritty vocals, and an oh-so-hooky chorus that gets under your skin, in a good way.

MP3: Seventeen ForeverMetro Station
MP3: Hot N ColdKaty Perry

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NOAAgirl said...

Dammit! That Katy Pery person was a quiz night question last night! Oh if only I had seen that earlier! We guessed Pink - so friggin close!

Dude, you and Christine need to get over here just for the quiz nights!