Tuesday, July 15, 2008


CRAZY: Ever wonder what you’d look like as a prisoner banished behind Arkham Asylum’s bars wrapped in a straitjacked? The Dark Knight viral marketing campaign gives you a chance to find out here – you just have to upload a photograph

DIRTY DEEDS: When they’re not schilling for Walmart, looks like AC/DC will be touring the world in support of their new album Black Ice which will be dropping 10/28/2008 - and they’ll even be giving the kids a taste of some Angus when their track “Let There Be Rock” appears in the upcoming video game release of Rock Band 2

GnR: Axl Rose is getting in on the video game craze, too, and “Shackler’s Revenge,”
one of the tracks from the ever-delayed Chinese Democracy album, is set to appear on Rock Band 2, which is due out in September. Uh, the game is due out in September, not GnR’s album…but you knew that, right?

VEGAS: Now I pretty much never watch CSI on CBS – I stick to gorging myself on reruns on Spike, so I’m a few seasons behind - but it looks like my main man
Grissom is going to be leaving, though he’ll sticking around as a producer, as well as for the occasional guest appearance

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