Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Idol Wrap

RAMIELE: She had some good vocal moments during “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind,” yet for every strong moment, she gets lazy on sections, negating any goodwill she created. She’s got to find some consistency. - and some lower-waisted pants.

CARLY: As I predicted beforehand, she was tops for the evening – stripping down “Here I Come Again” to an acoustic arrangement that was better than the original, and digging into it, this time with feeling…and a smile

ROCKER DAVE: A David C. original arrangement this time, and Simon pretty much had it right on the money – “if you can make a song about sparrows good, then congrats.” Dolly, can’t you give us something better than sparrows?

AUSSIE: Michael Johns got in touch with his inner Michael Bolton, and it worked, nailing his second strong performance in a row with a very soulful rendition of a song I never heard before, “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right”

LIL DAVID: The kid melted the audience (and Dolly Parton) like a hot knife through butter with a well-sung, well-textured performance of “Smoky Mountain Memories, though it seemed a bit old-for-him (but hey, it’s Dolly Parton)

JASON: He stretched his voice a bit on “Travelin’ Through” which was a welcome change, and better than usual, but I’m tired of his schtick.

SYESHA: Oh, Syesha, why did you have to attempt to climb Mount Whitney? First half of “I Will Always Love You” was excellent, but after that signature drum beat and trucker keychange, things just went downhill. There simply wasn’t enough bigness in her voice to nail the arrangement.

THE NANNY: Brooke didn’t dig into “Jolene” with the vocal and emotional intensity that it required, since she kept it stripped down to an acoustic arrangement. Probably should have let the backup singer sing lead on this one.

KRISTY LEE: She was definitely in her wheelhouse, as Randy said, and I was surprised she didn’t bust out the “9 to 5,” but she delivered a pretty solid country vocal on “Coat of Many Colors.”

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