Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Idol Thoughts

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber actually offered some quality advice to the kids on Idol tonight and was pretty cool, as opposed to just standing around next to the “Do not touch the diva!” sign and doing nothing.

SYESHA: I’m not sure which song she did, but she nailed it pretty good, with confidence and personality, in that “Chicago”-style, starting out on top of the piano, and then parading around the stage

CASTRO: He warbled his way through Webber’s most famous tune (“Memory”) – you think the girlies are sick of voting for him yet? Or will they just think he’s cute and fragile?

BROOKE: How about a penalty for the false start? She was pretty solid, with some good emotional connection on “You Must Love Me” - that's about it...

LIL DAVID: He gets the David Cook Arrangement Award of the Week, turning “Think of Me” into an almost cool, acoustic guitar-driven, vibing, bossa nova sort of thing. That was a bunch of adjectives too many. And he sung it very well.

DAVID COOK: David Cook didn’t come through this week, singing “Music of the Night” pretty much straight, and his thin low-range was exposed during the verses. He made up for it a bit on the higher runs, but it was nothing special. Randy’s calling his performance “molten hot” made me doubt Mr. Jackson’s sanity.

CARLY: She belted out “Jesus Christ Superstar” that walked that thin line between rocking and shouty hot mess. I’d say it was too much of the latter, and I agree with Paula that it was too high for her, even though she had her moments.

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