Wednesday, March 19, 2008


AMANDA: I’m feeling queasy this morning, and AO’s serial Janis Joplin butchering of yet another song (“Back In The USSR”) didn’t help. Take my nurse. Please.

KRISTY LEE COOK: Three names – perfect for an assassin, but unfortunately, not for an American Idol. Better than last week, which is not saying a whole lot. Though I don’t really like “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” much, she screwed with the hook too much.

RAMIELE: Pretty much a middle school talent show version of “I Should Have Known Better” – a producer on the show should have known better than to let her either (a) choose that song, (b) that arrangement, and (c) that crazy ensemble. Her voice deserves better than that.

MICHAEL JOHNS: Had some OK moments during “A Day In The Life, ” but for the most part it was a compressed, confused mess of a song.

CHIKEZIE: A lot of pitchiness, dawg – but I was kind of digging the initial pseudo R&B arrangement if it had more appropriate percussion. Then his harmonica jag from hell practically gave me a seizure (or maybe it did), and “I’ve Just Seen A Face” went into a hot mess of an arrangement.

BROOKE: I felt like she was performing a kids show version of “Here Comes The Sun,” with her crazy yellow dress and hippy-dippy mannerisms. And I didn’t like this kids show.

DAVID ARCHULETA: The Josh Grobin lookalike (while singing) reaffirmed himself with a perfect maudlin version of “The Long and Winding Road” – Vegas, here he comes!

JASON CASTRO: Not a fan of “Michelle,” and it was a bit of a snoozer for me – but I’m sure the girlies will love it.

SYESHA: Her performance of “Yesterday” was my favorite of the night. She finally toned it down quite a bit and showed her vulnerable side, performing a quiet, yet powerful rendition of the classic while accompanied by acoustic guitar.

CARLY SMITHSON: I think I liked her version of “Blackbird,” though that trucker keychange was a bit odd, and she started belting a bit too much at the end for my taste.

DAVID COOK: I had no idea Whitesnake ever Coverdaled “Daytripper.” Anyway, David Cook did a nice slowed-up, bluesy, funky version – with an unnecessary talkbox interlude. Confidence was not lacking in his performance, I must say.

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