Friday, January 25, 2008


QUICKIE: Shelby SuperCars’ Ultimate Aero is now the fastest production car in the world

AGAIN: AV Club has got an interview with Glen Hansard (the lead actor in Once and the front man of The Frames) right here

YUM-O: Find out just how likely it is you’d eat your buddies if you were stranded in a blizzard right here. I’m 44% likely.

FLASH: Pete over at Ickmusic has got a rollicking live Rolling Stones show from Brussels, Belgium, 10/17/1973 up here


NOAAgirl said...

a) I'll believe it when I see James May behind the wheel

b) the Bugatti is much nicer looking, although the Aero is nicer looking than the Koenigsegg

CCHarmony said...

I like the car!

And the quiz disgusts yet fascinates me. I'm 48% likely!

Ess El said...


NOAAgirl said...

Holy crap - I'm never vacationing somewhere remote with any of you! I only got 28%! Even DH got 44%!

Just for the record, I think I'd be a little gamey!