Monday, December 10, 2007


SWEET & SAVORY: Chocolate-chip cookies…with bacon? Yup. (thanks, Explained Bacon)

GREEN DAY MOONLIGHTING?: Word on the street is that the Foxboro Hot Tubs are a secret side project of Billy Joe, Tre, and Mike. And Heather over at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has got three of their tracks posted here, so go check out their 60s garage rock sound…

SUPERFUND: Ever wonder if you’re living (or used to live) near a Superfund site? Why don’t you check here…it might surprise you. No New Jersey jokes!

RYAN: I've been listening to a bunch of Matthew Ryan recently, and I just found an "official" video for his track "Guilty," from his first album May Day (1997) here and a very interesting old electronic press kit here - his new album is dropping 4/1/08

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NOAAgirl said...

But the Jersey jokes were the reason you were looking up Superfund sites to begin with!