Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Samples

I felt like turning the clock on this post with a couple of my favorite tracks from The SamplesThe Last Drag (1993). I first got introduced to The Samples back in college, and this CD still sounds good. It’s a great album from top to bottom (my favorite kind), featuring Sean Kelly’s ethereal voice over top of dreamy pop-rock arrangements.

“Little Silver Ring” (track 1) was actually the first song I ever heard by The Samples, and those catchy harmonies and arrangements had me at hello.

However, my favorite track still remains the sweeping “The Streets In The Rain.” I love the beautiful melancholy of its wistful lyrics, and it swells to an excellent chorus that sadly only gets a full run-through only once.

MP3: The Streets In The RainThe Samples
MP3: Little Silver RingThe Samples

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