Saturday, November 17, 2007

Humpback Whale: It's What's For Dinner

According to the Associated Press, Japan's government fisheries reports that its whaling fleet will be leaving port this Sunday for its biggest-ever scientific whale hunt in the South Pacific. The whalers have orders to kill up to 50 humpback whales — the first known large-scale hunt for the species since a 1963 moratorium put humpbacks under international protection.

The Fisheries Agency's whaling chief, Hideki Moronuki, claims that “killing whales lets marine biologists study their internal organs - ovaries provide vital clues to reproductive systems, earwax indicates age, and stomach contents reveal eating habits.” Coincidentally, the IWC allows meat from Japan's "scientific" catch is allowed to be sold commercially, but, Japanese officials deny that profit and the of the continuation whaling industry and the is the true goal.

Didn’t these guys watch Star Trek IV?


NOAAgirl said...

Are you trying to get me to say something? Are you trying to bait me?

CCHarmony said...

I told him not to post it or you would get mad! Of course, he didn't listen!

jeffro said...

You just did.