Friday, October 05, 2007

Seattle Seahawks...Soda?

Never one for typical beverage tastes, Jones Soda has created a limited edition Seattle Seahawks Collector Pack with five limited edition flavors: Natural Field Turf (featuring Josh Brown), Sports Cream (featuring Matt Hasselbeck), Perspiration (featuring Deion Branch), Dirt (featuring Lofa Tatupu), and Sweet Victory (featuring Walter Jones). Mmmmm....dirt.

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kellycoxsemple said...

My husband and I bought two of the Seahawks' Jones Soda packs -- one as a gift for our friend who is such a voracious fan, he has an entire room in his house full of memorabilia, and one for us to do a taste test. Here are the results:

1. Perspiration = saline. Not quite as potent as the salty lips sensation of swimming in the ocean, but similar. And carbonated.

2. Turf = grass. You know, when you were a kid, you'd roll around in the grass and end up with a mouthful. That taste. Not bad. Kinda' summery, in a carbonated, bright green sort of way.

3. Sports cream = menthol. What I'd imagine sports cream might taste like because this soda tastes the way the cream smells. Except, it's carbonated.

4. Dirt = dirt. Seriously. We spent 10 minutes laughing at my reaction upon looking into my cup of dirt-colored beverage before actually tasting it. It was disgusting. Carbonatedly so.

5. Sweet victory = cotton candy. I didn't know it was possible to liquefy this taste, but Jones has done it. A fun flavor, but not one I'd want to drink much more than the 3-oz. cup we used to sample. How is it possible to carbonate fluff?

So, there you go. I WON'T be getting the Christmas or Chanukah packs. I fear for my hurl reflex upon imbibing carbonated pine trees or latkes. :-)