Monday, June 19, 2006

The Return of the Miura?

Lamborghini unveiled their retro Miura concept car at this past Thursday's Los Angeles auto show. Lamborghini claims the model is "strictly a concept, with no firm date set for its production launch." Regardless, it's one beautiful piece of machinery.


Anonymous said...

Jeffro, did you forget your medication again? The Miura concept debuted January 5th at LA. A few days late and about $699,999 short. I love this thing, but the original ( , )would be my 'money no object' purchase.


Pete said...

It's still not as cool as the one Magnum PI drove.

jeffro said...

oh, Magnum's car was cool, but it was really his 'stache that got the chicks!

and my 'money no object' purchase might have to be my Ferrari 288 GTO (at this time)