Sunday, June 11, 2006

Charm City

Damn, Marah ripped it up last night at the 8X10 Club in Baltimore! I hadn't seen 'em for a bit, and CC and I had a blast! There's nothing like a kick-ass rock 'n' roll show to cure what ails you.

I was a bit apprehensive about the opener, "
Adam & Dave's Bloodline." But we later realized that (a) though their MySpace recordings aren't great, they put on a quality live show; and (b) Adam is the lead guitarist for Marah, and Dave is the drummer for Marah.

It was my first time at the 8X10, and I really like it - kind of like a mini-9:30 Club (including a balcony), just not as deep. And I even thought I had a
Sam Goldberg sighting, but turns out it was just an impersonator.

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