Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Axl Update

It's Metal Month, kids! And what would Metal Month be without an Axl Rose update?

Former Skid Row frontman (and fellow Botox afficionado), Sebastian Bach gave Axl a call while co-hosting the Eddie Trunk radio show, and invited him to drop by and chat. And so he did.

Keep in mind, of course, anything uttered by Axl must be taken with a grain of salt. Supposedly the new GnR album is coming out this fall, and the tour will feature a new lead guitarist to replace Buckethead. And there were implications made that Izzy and/or Slash may make an appearance on the tour.

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Brett said...

Listen, I am as much a lover of 80s hair bands as the next girl from Jersey, but you can't go back. Sebastian Bach is a great singer and should stick with Broadway, Axl Rose needs to disapppear back into obscurity and not ruin the memories of Appetite for Destruction with some new crap that doesn't count, and all the other little bands should avoid playing in small venues and cause deadly fires with their illegal pyrotechnic displays trying to relive the old days.

Sometimes it's just time to let go.